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Let us introduce you to our unique homeland! Get familiar with our olivegroves, the orange trees fields & the unique beauty of the Laconian land! 

Meet us! Learn how our family thinks & acts in order to provide you products of premium quality! 

Learn more about our products! They will flavour your cooking creations & the same time protect the health of your loved ones!

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Our products

Our mission is to provide you Premium Natural & Functional Foods!

The extra virgin olive oil "Agria Gea" is produced exclusively in our family olive groves. Gold-green color and intense, deep aroma, slightly spicy but very fruity taste and excellent organoleptic characteristics with health protective properties make it an ally both in your cooking creations and in enhancing your health!

Citrus fruits are among the most natural and savvy allies in health protection and well-functioning metabolism. We offer you a wide variety of citrus fruits (oranges, mandarines) to meet your needs throughout the year.

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Health & Taste

"Let the food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" (Hippocrates, father of medicine, 431 B.C.)

We believe that nature generously provides us with everything that is necessary for our health, although it may not always be obvious or known

So, as we share with you the unique thesaurus with which our land is gifted, we feel obligated to inform you with useful articles for your nutrition & provide you with tasteful recipes, good for your health.

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Agria Gea Recipes