Greek Summer Rolls


20 cherry’s tomatoes (cut in the half )

1-2 red onions (cut in slices)

1/2 cucumber (cut in thin sticks without the seeds)

4 padron pepper (cut in slices, without the seeds)

Greek olives (remove the olive core and chop very thin)

100gr crumbled Greek feta

Fine Salt

Ground Black pepper

1 tsp garlic powder

Rice paper (big size)

Extra virgin olive oil AGRIA GEA


Wash the vegetables and cut them.Wash the vegetables and cut them.In a saucepan, in low heat,sauté the onions with extra virgin olive oil without giving colour and just soften add the tomatoes, the garlic powder and season it.

Set heat to maximum and mix lightly for 1-2 minutes, then remove the pan from the fire and let the mixture cool down.

Take a deep plate, pour on warm water and dip slowly the rice paper till the rice paper becomes soft.

Transfer it to the chopping board and start adding all the ingredients and roll it.

Bits of Advice:

Put all the ingredients on the edge of the rice paper (not in the middle) wrap it twice, and then put its panels in the middle and rewind.

The water needs to be just warm no hot.

You can strain the oil for tomato mixture and use it as a dip.