Maria Labropoulou (Chef)

My name is Maria Lampropoulou. My grandmother introduced me the unique tastes of Greek traditional cuisine and since then cooking becomes my passion. Pretty young I looked for opportunities into food production and at first, I started working as a pastry chef assistant in a patisserie, in my hometown, Aigio city, Greece. My love for food leads me to move to Athens, where I studied professional food production-chef in the institute “Le Monde” and I did my first practice as a chef de partie in several Hotels.

By 2013, I was team-leader and sushi line cook in the Asian restaurant, Wagamama in Athens, and I was also training the new starters. Always looking to explore new cuisines and new challenges, I moved to London where I currently work in Opso, a Greek modern restaurant, as a trainee sous chef.

I’m always passionate about the pure ingredients of each part of this world, their value in our nutrition and their extraordinary results on a plate.

As I say: "Let’s create new, different plates with traditional ingredients!!"

The quality products of “Agria Gea” will make the difference!