Agria Gea Products

Get familiar with our products! Nature creations, with health protective properties, which, with the care of our family, come from the field to your table. Our priority is safety and the best possible performance from production to consumption.

Olive Tree Products

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced in our olive groves after care that meets the criteria of Integrated Management. The olive harvest is done with respect to the fruit and the tree while olive-oiling is completed on the same day to avoid altering the organoleptic characteristics.The result is a superior category olive oil with acidity <0.3 and refined taste!

Our Olive Tree Products

Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits are the most natural and tasty ally in the health and well-being of metabolism. We have a wide variety of citrus fruits that meet your needs throughout the year.

Enjoy the health benefits of citrus fruit with a glass of juice or recipes that include lemon or orange!

Circus fruit