The Agria Gea Difference

... Or why to choose our products!

  • We do not claim to have the best olive oil. But we guarantee, proven, that our olive oil has all the characteristics  that deserve it well in highly virgin olive oils with healts protective properties. The official confirmation comes from the analyzes made every year by the Department of Pharmacy of the University of Athens.
  • Our production is finite and each year the quantity of olive oil produced varies. And this is not negative. We offer our customers 100% extra virgin olive oil. Each bottle contains the pure juice from olives, unmixed and its accompanied by a unique QR code identifying from which olive grove it has come from and what treatment it has undergone. And in order to be even more transparent, we apply a traceability system at every stage of our production from olive oil to standardization.
  • Our crop comes from small olive groves placed in different areas with a different microclimate. This results, the olive oil from each region, although having similar organoleptic quality characteristics, to have a different flavor, intensity, and color. We invite you to discover the flavors produced in our olive groves and choose the one that suits you best!
  • Finally, because one of our main goals is to develop a relationship of trust with people who trust us and our products, we have established the customer loyalty program. We urge our customers to book the amount of olive oil that will need, long before the next oily harvest to ensure that they will enjoy the Extra Virgin Olive Oil they have chosen at preferential prices.

Our products are healthy, limited, authentic, & trustworthy! Enjoy!